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At, we believe that just about every vacation, day off, holiday or event is better on a boat. The problem in the past has been locating one! It normally was a time consuming process that required lots of Googling or walking the docks, calling around often in a foreign language, and hoping you could find the right boat at the right price. changes all that! We are a `one stop shop` where you can find a boat just about anywhere in the world, see who the skipper is, chat directly with them, see user reviews, and book it online with your credit card.

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Finding a boat is simple. From the home page, just type in the location where you want the boat, enter the date, and hit search. You'll see a listing of boats in the area and their prices. If the list is too broad, you can sort by type of boat (such as fishing boats or water ski boats). Click on the boat that looks best. You we give you a list of boats nearby if the one you're looking at isn't right.

If you see a boat you like, check out the calendar to see if it's available the day of your charter. If you have questions, you can send them directly to the owner and they will respond as soon as they can. So you get all of your information directly from the expert who owns the boat.

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If all looks good, click "Reserve Now" and you will be asked to enter your details in order to book the boat. You will normally receive confirmation on the same day.

You will thn need to arrange payment with us and we will take care of paying the owner. Now all you need to do now is show up at the boat on the day of our charter with your deposit or paid receipt (and don't forget to bring money for a tip)!

Chat directly with the owner or fleet operator to get all of your questions answered before booking!

If you have questions about the boat, skipper, rental rules, or just about anything, you can use the chat function on our site. Just click on the "Contact" button, and you will enter a chat area, like social media sites such as Facebook (don't worry, your details are kept private!).

This is how is different - you can book your boat in confidence because get all your questions answered from the owner or his representative!

Owner Conversation Example

Your conversation will look like the image below - you will see the picture of the boat and owner, and details of the booking at all times.

If the owner/operator is online, you can chat in real-time. Otherwise, the recipient will be notified of the conversation via email and will get back to you when they are next near a computer.

When you have all of your questions answered, you're ready to book your boat by setting the date and clicking on the "Reserve Now" button. Cool huh?

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