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If you currently operate a charter boat, or if you own a boat that you'd like to make some money from while it's not being used, we have a new site that makes this easy! is a brand new way of matching boat owners who want to rent their boats out with customers who are interested on having a great day on the water.

Within 10 minutes, you can load your boat on the site, set your pricing and availability, and have your boat live and available for charter! You'll just need a picture (as many as you want), a description and pricing, and you're ready to go.

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There is no cost to list a boat - it's free. We earn a 15% - 20% commission when a booking is made. We market the boat, provide the ability for you to chat with the owner, take the credit card from the customer and pay the charter fee directly to you the day before the charter, when we know all is set and the weather is good.

Any boat qualifies: water ski boats, fishing boats, sailboats, catamarans, as long as it has proper licensing and insurance*. You can decide virtually everything - the pricing, whether you skipper it your self, find a trusted skipper or let the client take it out bareboat (they skipper it themselves).

Please see our Advice for Renting Your Boat page for a discussion on ways to reduce risk and get the most out of renting.

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So if you have a qualified charter boat that needs addtional charters, why not sign up with and give more people an amazing day on the water!

* Renting your boat is a responsiblity to be taken seriously, with many government regulations to assure safety. You must agree to abide by all maritime laws applying to chartering and boating. Your boat must have insurance and be properly registered and certified for the area that you are chartering in. If you are the skipper, you must have the proper license to be a charter boat skipper/captain - we may request documentation before we accept your boat for inclusion on the site. or our parent company is not responsible for loss or damage to the boat or any liabilities incurred during the charter.

These transactions may be subject to tax - we suggest you work with your tax advisor to understand the taxation of charter income. We do not provide tax forms or withholding. Complete supplier terms are available here. You may also want to read our Owner's FAQ.